I installed the faucet on Monday. It works great! I very much like the design of the faucet and installation was a no-brainer. Instructions were clear and it is well worth much more money than what I paid for it. I am pleased. My bathroom decoration is Scandinavian contemporary and the faucet fits my white porcelain vessel-style sink perfectly (the rims of the sink are wide and the faucet is mounted on top of the rim). Made me very happy! I had a little bit of trouble adjusting the temperature at first, but it works fine now. And I had to make a hole in my wall to hide the box (I don’t have a sink cabinet). But the result is great. I think your packaging is a little bleak. The product is great and the package could proudly show off the product a little more. The chic contemporary look of the faucet and the quality of it together give a well grounded reason for you to package the product in more stylish box. I am very content with the product! And of course with your attentive service... Thank you so much! :)
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Sari S., Lake Tahoe, CA 04:13:36 09-16-2014