I purchased from this company 20 times or more. I try to sell their products to my clients every chance I have. They have a super product at a super price (unique combination). Special thanks go to their customer service department, they are truly unsurpassed. By Yahoo! Shopping User Sep 14, 2011 Anonymous. I bought this soap dispenser from your company a while back [PYOS-9000]. I made the purchase two steps forward and one step back. I read the study your company put out on the soap saving but was skeptical. It is not that I doubted that we'll save money on soap with a dispenser that uses regular bulk soap over expensive cartridge soap, I doubted the dollar saving which your study outlined. Also, I was not sure where we fit into this equation you provided, high medium or low traffic, the dispensers are installed in a shopping mall. I am here to attest to the fact that this was a good financial move for us, and we did save loads of money on soap. As it turns out we have medium to heavy traffic bathrooms (according to your study). We did not save the dollar amount that your study outlined, WE SAVED MORE, possibly due to the lower cost we paid for your dispensers and the lower cost we pay for bulk soap. In my personal opinion, your soap saving study, is INCORRECT, THE SAVINGS ARE GREATER IN ACTUALLITY. By the way, you should call the study what it is: “money saving study” since that's what we're all looking to do. I am not sure if we use less soap with your soap dispenser when compared with the automatic soap dispensers we have now, but we definitely spend less on soap. The two obvious areas you might want to look into that might have caused this error are: The price of your soap dispenser is quoted higher on the study than the prices that it is sold for, yet the cost of your competitor's soap dispenser is right. The cost of bulk soap is not $12.00 per gallon, but between $8.00 and $10.00 per gallon through janitorial supply places, yet the cost of your competitor's soap cartridge is right. I hope that you take my constructive criticism to heart. Additional notes: The dispensers have been working great and without trouble. They are more robust than the other units we have in place (brass vs. plastic), and easier to refill and keep clean. Throughout the year we plan to replace the automatic cartridge soap dispensers we currently have in place with MAC [PYOS-9000].
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John H., Boca Raton FL 03:41:52 09-16-2014