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Matching Pair, Electronic Faucet and Electronic Soap Dispenser.


The Faucet:

This Sleek Design faucet is an exquisite work of art which combines Great Style with Hands free Functionality. It is ideal for bathroom applications where Touchless, Hands free faucets are an intricate component of the room’s overall design element. This unique faucet is available in 22 finish options, AC power option, several water output options, and remote control option for various adjustments. This is a heavy duty faucet that is designed for heavy traffic applications which features: Solid Brass Faucet Construction, Easy Clean out particle filter, Dual Water Source Ready.

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The Soap Dispenser:

POUR YOUR OWN SOAP with this Solid Brass electronic sensor soap dispenser, and free yourself from Soap Serfdom. With the competitor's soap dispensers, you're forced into buying their BOTTLED SOAP at a heavy premium, NOT SO with MAC PYOS electronic soap dispensers. Select the soap of your choice from the vendor of your choice, saving both time and money. Selecting MAC PYOS over the vast majority of competitors' electronic soap dispensers could potentially have a tremendous impact in terms of savings on the cost of soap. Study found here: 


This unique Soap Dispenser is available in 22 finish options, AC power option, large capacity soap container option, and remote control option for various adjustments. For more on this soap dispenser, please click here: